The Jade and Infrared Therapy from CASA JAD combines well-known principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupressure, Presopuncture, Reflexology, Moxibustion, Massage.

“The history of Chinese massage teaches us that its 5000 years old practice (as Traditional Chinese Medicine) has been refined, systematized and perfected over the millennia. The long-standing clinical application of this treatment method as well as the tremendously rich scientific documentation gathered and kept in the Chinese medical tradition provides us a very clear picture that clarifies its possible applications as well as its proven effectiveness.

According to Chinese Medical Theory, the health of each individual is the result of the energy balance between Yin and Yang, between vital energy and blood, between organs and viscera. This is achieved thanks to the primary and secondary meridians system, which connects the interior of the Yin nature (where the organs and the viscera are found) with the exterior: Yang.

The primary and secondary meridians system represents the energy network linking the different parts of our body, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the disease is represented by an energy imbalance between different parts of our body and/or between the whole organism and the environment.

The causes of the disease are divided into three major groups, according to the sky-human being-earth triad: cosmic causes of the disease that belong to the sky (cosmo pathogenic energies: cold, wind, moisture that can penetrate the body), psychic causes belonging to humans (mania, fear, sadness, which alters the energetic circulation of the body), causes that belong to food, on the earth side (insufficient or inadequate nutrition, imbalance in food tastes and many others). When it comes to pathogenesis, we have to include another category of causes, which can not be defined either as internal or external, and that include traumas, congenital causes, infections. Whatever the cause of the disease, it always manifests as a generalized or localized imbalance between Yin and Yang, between energy and blood.

Acting on the skin surface, the massage is capable of directly treating the peripherally affected area (muscle, ligaments, articulators or the bone system problems), but through the links between the skin, the acupuncture points, and the meridian system, it can also act on internal organs, rebalancing energy and blood, Yin and Yang. In this way, we can act from the periphery to restore the overall energy balance of the body. These links between the inside and the exterior justify a possible indication of massage in case of insomnia, headache, neurasthenia, gastric pain accompanied by vomiting, iliac bone paralysis, diarrheal colitis. This indication would not have otherwise a plausible explanation.

There are numerous studies that confirm what we have said so far and which confirm the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese medicine.” (Source:” Chinese Massage. Types of massage and therapies “by Lucio Sotte, Antet Publishing House, 2004)

“Americans are only on the 43rd place in the world in terms of life span. This is in opposition to their prosperity. Indeed, Americans are in the middle of a medical system crisis, which is making more and more people to doubt the health industry. Why they spend so much money on medical care annually? How much does the medical system have to do with health? Is this proactive or reactive system? Effective healing should address the cause of disease and remove it or just remove symptoms?

The Chinese natural health care system is recognized for its natural, preventive, looking for the roots of problems way of treating diseases, is holistic and is based on self-confidence. ” (The Secret of Chinese Medicine, AUTHOR: Henry B. Lin, Polirom Publishing House)

In order to provide a complete picture of Chinese massage guidelines, we offer you a list of diseases for which it is indicated. They will be divided into medical, surgical, obstetric-gynecological, pediatric, ophthalmic and otorhinolaryngologic pathologies.

Medical pathologies:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • neurasthenia
  • colds or diseases caused by them
  • sleepiness or excessive sleeping
  • gastric pain
  • gastric ptosis
  • hypertension
  • syndromes of depression
  • diabetes
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • enuresis
  • nocturnal pollution
  • incontinence
  • hernia
  • obesity

Pathologies of Surgical Interest:

  • acute or chronic lumbar pain
  • intercostal pain
  • cervical pain
  • scapulohumeral periarthritis
  • cervical vertebral disorders – Rheumatism
  • spondylosis and spondylitis
  • sprains at the level of the joints – contusions
  • hemiplegia and/or hemiparesis
  • facial paralysis
  • following fractures
  • sequelae of cranial trauma
  • follow-up of contusions.

Gynecological diseases:

  • menstrual pain
  • lack of menstruation (amenorrhea)
  • leucorrhea
  • irregular menstruation
  • menopausal syndromes
  • mastitis
  • sterility

Pediatric maladies:

  • Vomiting
  • pertussis
  • malnutrition
  • dysentery
  • diarrhea
  • enuresis
  • physical and/or mental underdevelopment

Pathogens of Ophthalmology and Otorhinolangobics:

  • mild forms of myopia
  • ear tingling
  • thick
  • conjunctivitis

(Source:” Chinese Massage. Types of massage and therapies “by Lucio Sotte, Antet Publishing House, 2004)