Negative ions are odorless and invisible molecules that produce biochemical reactions that help alleviate pain and increase the potential of resistance to infection.

In the atmosphere, and especially in the mountain areas, there are so-called “AIR VITAMINS”, which normally are missing from our homes. These “vitamins” are nothing but negative aeroions, odorless and tasteless with beneficial effects on the body.

In nature, there are positive ions and negative ions. Normally, the positive and negative ions are found in equal quantities, with a small extra margin for positive ions.

However, in some regions (mountain, seaside, near waterfalls) where water is in constant motion, the proportion changes to 2000 negative ions compared to 1000 positive ions per cm3. (For example, fir trees and ferns emit large amounts of negative ions).

Large urban and industrial agglomerations are unfortunately the most damaging system for our health because they are loaded with positive ions. Exhaust gases, industrial smog, tire waste, cigarette smoke, ash, all these destroy negative ions either by neutralizing them or even charging them positively.

We live in a real electromagnetic cage formed inside the modern blocks with cement and iron walls. These electromagnetic cages along with water and air conditioning absorb the negative loads.

The electrostatically positive charge of ubiquitous plastic products completes this sad figure for ions that do not exceed 100/cm3 in any room versus the usual value of 1000 or the 2000 value (the best for the health).

How negative ions work for health?

Negative ions are beneficial to the body due to multiple positive effects.

Negative ions stimulate and harmonize the most vital processes for the body and also the emotional and mental ones.

Other effects of the ions are:

– increasing concentration and vigilance,

– reducing the chances of getting a cold by improving the immune system,

– relieving headache and inflammation of the airway and nose.

Negative Ions vs. Positive Ions / Mountain versus Bucharest

Studies have shown a lower presence of negative ions in urban areas than in the rest of the areas (it has been scientifically proven that in mountain areas, the concentration of negative ions increases up to 5000 negative ions per cubic centimeter, while in Bucharest the concentration is only 100-250 negative ions per cubic centimeter, that is about 40 times smaller. In the plain areas, there are 400 negative ions per cubic centimeter.

Negative ions reduce neurosis and anxiety, increase appetite and thirst, increase sexual stimuli.

For example, following a negative ion-generating experiment in a kindergarten, it was found that when the mental concentration of all children increased, the hyperactive children became calmer, and the feeling of fatigue diminished in the case of all subjects.

Physically, the negative ions improve allergies, sinusitis, asthma, migraines, burns, and postoperative pain.