Testimonials of CASA JAD clients

In the “Testimonials section”, we wanted to offer the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions to all those who have visited our CASA JAD Center and have experimented with the jade, tourmaline, and infrared therapies, as well for those who bought our products and used them with the whole family.

August 2018

A journey begins with a step. So I started my effort to improve my health by coming to CASA JAD. My husband was the one who found you looking for remedies for back pain on the internet. As the backaches were terrible, I decided to try. And it actually worked! Back pain has begun to diminish after the first week of treatment. I can not describe the satisfaction I felt after a couple of weeks when the back pain almost disappeared! My treatment consisted in 2 subscriptions of 12 sessions in 2 months, encouraged by the results. My overall health has improved enormously. I sleep much better, deeply. When I have my period, I do not feel anymore those terrible pains on the first day. I breathe easier as if the sinusitis disappeared. I have the feeling I am taller. Psychic is much better, I feel balanced. My back does not hurt anymore. Meanwhile, I decided to buy my own massage bed for my home because I spent a lot of time in home traffic from my house to Casa Jad and back. I will miss Lucia, but now I have a massage bed at home. Many thanks to my husband and Casa Jad!

Horia A.

July 18, 2018

An interesting experience, qualified staff.

Ana Stan

July 2018

Exceptional! Besides an excellent foot massage, I have received a lot of absolutely new and useful information!

Mihaela Martinescu

June 18, 2018

Relaxing atmosphere, warm people and ultra-efficient jade therapy!

Bogdan Florescu

June 12, 2018

All the people from Casa Jad are doing a really good job. They understand your problems, they offer you solutions that really work, and then you walk out the door as a new person.

Mihnea R.

June 2018

CASA JAD has offered me a program that has shown exceptional results. Results that have not so far emerged from the many classical treatments I have been making for many years, treatments that cost me very much and almost killed my hope for a life without these pains.

I am 70 years old and, through the miracle of modern medicine, I have been “blessed” with two back operations over the last five years. Each procedure was successful in its own way, but each one also left me with chronic pain, and all the conventional recovery therapy sessions had little effect.

At the end of 2015, I became a customer of Casa Jad Center. I was immediately impressed by the warmth and help of every staff member I met. After evaluating my medical history, I was presented with a mix of therapies with the help of their devices to improve my blood circulation and to relax my spine.

I was in very bad shape. The first session with the massage bed was very painful, especially at the beginning. After 3 minutes I wanted to get up. I was encouraged to continue trying, not to quit, telling me that the most painful part is now. Somehow I stayed on the massage bed until the end. The next two sessions were not very pleasant. But I persevered. Before the bed massage, I had a session of treatment on the Jade Mattress. After about a month, I progressed so well that I almost had no pain. Already the pain was tolerable after the first week.

Meanwhile, even though it was a pleasure to visit CASA JAD, I decided to buy my own massage bed and jade mattress. I was regularly coming to treatment and that made me buy them.

I feel I owe my health to CASA JAD. The friendly, warm and professional conduct of the staff provides an extremely trusted atmosphere that every person ultimately pursues. Unfortunately, the words are small to express my gratitude, and now I am happy. Thank you CASA JAD!

Mirela Trifu

June 30, 2015

In December I received from my sisters two SPA Sessions and I came to CASA JAD. I liked it so much that I’ve continued to come and now it’s already June. The lovely girls (Marina and Maria) helped me to discover the joy of the massage at CASA JAD. I felt great every time.

Thank you!

Alina Anca

6th August 2015

Marina surprised me with her invitation to “pamper therapy “. I accepted and congratulated myself for accepting it. The massage on the jade bed was a fantastic experience, an opportunity to learn to mentally know your pain so you can enjoy the benefits of accepting it … The CASA JAD experience, with all the ‘relaxing devices’, was a real feast for the senses (which were honored) for the mind (which was relaxed) and for the spirit (emotions that enjoyed the hospitality of the wonderful hosts …)

Thank you, Marina.

Thanks CASA JAD.

May 26, 2015

I accepted the invitation received from my friend and it was not a waste of time at all. Both my husband and I feel very well after the first session.

Our host Marina Ungureanu is pleasant and professional and we will definitely come back here.

We felt “lighter”, more relaxed and “more straight”!

Luminita Dumitru

May 20, 2015

My dear CASA JAD,

I was skeptical when I accepted your invitation, but surprised about how pleasant and effective was THE RESULT!

I first liked the relaxing atmosphere and the professionalism of the two M’s (Maria and Marina) and the fact that at the middle of the first subscription of 12 sessions the back pain disappeared, my spine felt more straight, I felt more easy and ”right – everything makes me come back with great pleasure ”. The results are maintained and it is very interesting that we can have these therapies at home.

Thank you for being there and I hope many people will find out about the effectiveness of CASA JAD therapies.

Congratulations on the PROFESSIONALISM!


April 17, 2015

Wonderful hosts, extremely pleasant surroundings, very tempting offers, I felt very relaxed, my experience was great and euphoric.

Monica Rozescu

March 27, 2015

I feel too good to be able to focus on. All I can think of is: it’s worth it! Thank you, Mrs. Marina Ungureanu for your attitude, optimism, and warmth.

Madalina Marcu

March 27, 2015

A pleasant and relaxing ambiance. I love the attitude of Miss Ungureanu Marina, her professionalism and warmth.

Madalina Iancu, 2015


I find it hard to describe the wonderful and special experiences I have lived since I’ve first had this therapy. A special massage center, a multisensory, complex experience, and special people. It’s “another world” where you can completely relax. It is the most complex and healthy “treatment” method. It’s the best therapy I’ve ever met. I liked it so much that I also bought a bed and I hope I will help other people with it.

Raluca Cojocaru

February 19, 2015


Thank you for making me realize how much I have to take care of my body, spoil it and help it become healthy. Here was my escape from the day to day tasks. It’s the best thing that happened to me this year. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

Irina Baragoi

February 9, 2015

CASA JAD is a relaxation and therapy oasis of therapy in the middle of a city full of stress and trouble. Once you have entered in Casa Jad Center, music leads you to the first steps of a better state. I’m still not sure, but I suspect that somewhere among the hundreds of jade stones lies a portal to a world of relaxation, zen, and beauty. An interesting thing is how suddenly you feel light like a flake and totally relaxed because of natural stones that make for you what hardly do the doctors.

Dear CASA JAD, thanks for beautiful moments!

Dear Maria, thank you for the itinerary that I have made with you in a world of jade stones and a culture I have just begun to find!

I will definitely come back to find the whole story!

Mihai, 2015

Excellent devices, indeed, the relaxing atmosphere, welcoming room – not necessarily in this order, but another ” element ” made the difference- psychologically we feel the need for: … human, natural (bio) … the need for relationship, compassion; we sympathize -a thing which should be taught in school, not among, but above all other lectures.

We come here saying, ” wow, I need this! ”, But let’s say that in a week the miracle happens: we win at lotto (not such a productive thing, long term), someone donates us a massage bed, whatever way, we get it. The warmth that I felt was not found in that bed (ok there were “only” 65 degrees), but in the welcoming nature of the “operators” – the name of the people, who could not push 2 × 3 buttons by him/herself.

Cheers !!! Is just Wednesday, but still, it’s a session.

See you next time!

Doina Costache

I felt very, very relaxed, from head to toe, I recommend it to all those who want to forget about everyday worries and problems!

Thank you CASA JAD for this “lady teambuilding”.

Ina, Doina, Ioana

Relaxing, fun to superlatives!

Thanks to CASA JAD and Cristina Feather for the awesome moments of relaxation and pampering. It was more than I expected and I will definitely come back!

All the best,

Stefania Ionescu

Words cannot express the state of well-being that you feel after the therapy with these miraculous stones called Jade.

Nicoleta completes this state with her hospitality, explanations, with her warm and charming presence. Thank you for everything and recommend to everyone this experience.

With gratitude!

Thanks to CASA JAD and Nicoleta because she has revealed another way of living, that she has brought me closer to health through the healing force of minerals! I cordially recommend anyone to open their heart to the benefits of jade and agate! Enjoy the most beautiful energies!

Best wishes from my heart, Diana Serpeanu

Dear Nicoleta,

Thank you for making these wonderful jade therapies, it is a fantastic stone with so many benefits. I turned myself from a “bridezilla” to a calm bride, ready for one of the most important steps in a woman’s life.

Mihaela J


September 2, 2014

My back has not felt so relaxed in a long time. I’m definitely coming back.

Alex Paun

September 1, 2014

Very relaxing! I recommend it.

Bogdan Iorga

August 28, 2014

Very cute, both the lady and the place.

Cezarina Harabor

July 30, 2014

A miracle, a wholesome ” Procust bed” beneficial. Have luck in the future.

Manuela Harabor

July 30, 2014

A wonderful day spent here at CASA JAD.

An hour of relaxation (as long as one day)

Many, many thanks.

Because we deserve to enjoy ourselves! I will recommend it with great warmth and confidence!

Kindly, Klara Miron

July 29, 2014

Cristina Gobeaga

July 29, 2014

Wonderful! I will gladly recommend this place to my friends! I think every one of us deserves such moments of pampering! Thank you.

Luminita Tabararu

July 18, 2014

Relaxation, well-being, an extremely pleasant experience that deserves to be repeated.

A real treat in all the meanings. I’m ZEN!

Thank you.

Mari Fatulescu

July 18, 2014

It was a great experience and I will share it with my loved ones. Every one of us deserves a spoil, and you just did that.

Thank you.


July 16, 2014

I am very pleased with this meeting and would recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances.

Thank you!

Gheorghe Pasca

June 27, 2014

If I fell asleep during the massage it means that I was really “disconnected” from daily stress. Thank you.

Doina Serdeau

June 16, 2014

A special and relaxing atmosphere, here at CASA JAD.

Thanks for this day.

I will advertise you in Cluj and everywhere.

Anda Saidel

June 12, 2014

Really relaxing and felt like a trip in time. ” Oasis in its true meaning ”.

Thanks for the experience.

Andreea Alexandra Anghel

May 29, 2014

First experience with such massage. An hour when I felt really relaxed. Thank you.

Silvia Zimnicaru

May 14, 2014

Massage on the jade bed was a smart choice for me, and the two girls, Alexandra and Loredana are the right choices for you. Massage is a perfect combination of relaxation and therapy.

Thank you!

Diana Chireu

May 13, 2014

A wonderful time when relaxation was the keyword. I can hardly wait to experience the long-term effects of the massage. Because I intend to come to CASA JAD frequently and I will write about the evolution of massage therapy with jade stones.

Thank you, CASA JAD TEAM for the opportunity to experience these relaxing and healing therapies.

For me, it is my first therapy in 63 years and it is a new, very pleasant, wonderful, a dream that would like to continue over tim. Also, relaxing music is accompanying it.

At my first and second sessions, I had lumbar pain, but the third was only pleasure and relaxation that I can not give up again, I will come back soon because I miss two beautiful and sweet faces, with a love in their voices, as you rarely meet.

Thank you!

April 25, 2014

Far from the unpleasant world with two “earthly angels”; I forgot about the problems and the constraints. The effectiveness of therapy is incontrovertible: -relax the paravertebral muscles, -low the blood circulation by feeding the cell in depth, -can eliminate stress.

I can not miss these dream moments.

The hosts are full of hospitality, caring and possessing multiple knowledge.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Luminita Munteanu

April 15, 2014

Virginia Lepadatu

April 14th, 2014

I returned to CASA JAD because after the 12 sessions I felt good. The massage made me feel no back and leg pain. About Loredana I can only say words of praise, it is good, patience and always with a smile on her face. I worked more with her, but Alexandra is both careful and enjoyable.

Thank you very much!


April 9, 2014

A healing relaxation, so it was my experience at CASA JAD. About Alexandra and Loredana only words of praise.

The kindness and warmth that I get with you make me come back with great pleasure every time.

Thank you for being!

Very relaxing and pleasant but especially effective. Since I have been doing massage on the jade bed, my back pain is gone. Alexandra and Loredana are so pretty, I always come back with pleasure.

Carmen Draganescu

April 9, 2014

Staff are special, responsive and attentive, know all the details of CASA JAD products. I prefer the jade mask instead of classic treatments for colds, headaches or toothache and jade mattress and jade massage for detoxification and rejuvenation.

Navalicea Dina

March 6, 2014

After a few sessions, on an evening, after finishing my jogging on the jade rolls, I felt “fluffy”. And it was very good!

January 2013

After the massage session, I felt my spine was “floating”. I did not feel my day-to-day pain anymore when I got out of bed. All the tension accumulated in the disk hernia just disappeared. It was a beneficial experience for a man who could not stand for more than 30 minutes. I will definitely come back.

Ioana Nastase

After the massage session, I felt that all the muscles relaxed and all the tension accumulated during the day has disappeared. I think I’ll be back in here at CASA JAD in the near future.

Chisaria Andreia

After the massage session I felt very relaxed, I thought I was floating. I will return to CASA JAD because I have problems with the peripheral circulation that I want to solve and at the same time to relax.

Gabriel Tiu

After the massage session, I got rid of blood pressure and constipation problems. I’m gonna come back to CASA JAD and I want to buy some of the appliances!

Stanai Oana

The massage sessions we received felt like a dream, just what I wanted and what I missed. I am glad to have discovered this therapy for both the soul and the body. I will definitely come back. Thank you.

Ilie Darilena

After the good moments of relaxation,  I am writing here a sincere “Thank you!” to those who had the wonderful idea to bring in Romania these wonderful and so necessary devices. I also thank the two special people who have made us friends us with the place and each of the devices. Sincerely, Ana-Maria Stanescu

My name is Sofia, I had the pleasure to meet two special people at Casa Jad. After two days of therapy with the procedures that are being practiced here, all I can say is that I am relaxed, content, in a good mood. I can feel an improvement with my peripheral deficient circulation. Thank you, I love you.

With all the love Sofia

January 31, 2014

Coming here I felt that the body-mind link is indeed a reality that I often forget. Sometimes it’s easier to start with the body, take care of it and mentally feel better. The body is more “handy” and it’s like a gate you open to mind and spirit – so you manage to tamper with both of them. Thank you!

Luiza Stefan, 2013

The sensations I enjoyed from the massage on the jade stones bed are too beautiful to be enclosed in a definition. It’s a total body-mind experience, an experience we’re all looking for at a certain time, and that can be so simple.

Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Cojocareanu Alexandra

February 2, 2013

“CASA JAD” is the place where you find yourself, where you become one with nature and feel like you are a true member of this Planet, this Universe! Thank God I met the “CASA JAD” team!

Mirela Carmen Tomescu

February 16, 2013

The moments spent at “CASA JAD” were definitely the deepest relaxation minutes I’ve ever had. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for what you are doing!

Ioana Cristescu

February 16, 2013

Thanks “CASA JAD” for the wonderful experience; personally as a therapist/masseur leaving aside the massage or Swedish relaxation / aroma-therapy / or even anti-cellulite, until now, nothing impressed me. I have been waiting for you to appear in my life and I will definitely come back again to meet these”wonderful jade stones”

Martha Balteanu

February 16, 2013

The wonderful pleasure and the psychological and physical relaxation “CASA JAD” offers, it makes you say”I want to come back again”. Definitely, I will come back for other sessions.

Angela Peretz

February 18, 2013

What an honor to be here, on the first page.



I had a wonderful first session, thanks to Casa Jad’s managers. Their initiative helps us and the health of all clients.  Also, thanks to Miss Lucia and Alexandra because they gave me all this information received and for their sweet behavior.

It’s not a complaint but a suggestion: please diversify the MUSIC – also on a soothing background …

Success, good luck and many accomplishments. Sincerely yours, Prof. Elena Paraschivescu February 20, 2013.

I hope that my symptoms will disappear, using JADE massage therapy and that this traditional method will have the expected effect.  I will return to CASA JAD to continue this wonderful therapy.

I would like to thank you for all the information and for the positive attitude of the staff. The pleasant atmosphere accompanied by relaxing music made me forget about the “worries” and connect with this oasis of health.

With respect for everything you do,

Prof. Georgeta Paun May 4, 2013

I’ve been enjoying jade therapy in the last two months. Although at first I was a little skeptical, now I no longer have back pain, I have more energy, and in general, I feel much better.

I have recommended this place to many people.

Thanks a lot for the moments of intense relaxation, thank you for the pleasant and warm presence of Miss Lucia and Alexandra and for the initiative to bring these appliances to us!


Mihaela Banatui, psychotherapist April 16, 2013

Incredible, but TRUE!

Effects are visible after only 1-2 sessions.

Good condition, good sleep, improved intestinal transit, and when it comes to my spine and all the bones, they are much better.

The staff is very nice, the environment is relaxing.

I will definitely return and I will recommend CASA JAD both to my friends and … enemies!

All good wishes

And I hope everyone will be healthier.

Doina Dumitrescu April 16, 2013

When I first came to CASA JAD, I was expecting a totally different experience: just an ordinary massage. And after I understand how the therapy works, I was a bit reluctant. But the sessions were relaxing and useful. When you get up from the jade stone bed, you feel like you’ve slept extraordinarily well all night. I’m only 24 years old, I’ve never had any back pain or who knows what health issues. But I’m sure that for people suffering from these conditions, the sessions are wonderful and the pain will disappear.  I will definitely recommend it to my parents, grandparents and all those who need it. I’ll probably come back, whenever I feel the need to pamper myself.

P.S. I also liked the hosts!

Thank you, Mada

It was a great experience. Extremely relaxing and beneficial to the body. I have Meteorism and since the first session I had the feeling of “deflation”.

Thank you ! We will come back ! Iuliana and Bogdan

It was a very pleasant and relaxing morning and I thank you for that.


I’ve been here before!

Wonderful! Great experience! I will definitely return, especially for the friendly staff, a particularly pleasant atmosphere, and for all the positive energy.

Thanks, Melania.

July 4, 2013

…my mind was already on vacation (it starts tomorrow) … but here I am at CASA JAD. I’m in a hurry, I leave 10-12 kg behind and I’m leaving an oasis of “pleasure.” CASA JAD … in the middle of the city … on the right side … the second house … you walk out of the roar of the street directly into the paradise of CASA JAD …

After I thought that nothing could replace the sensation of a massage (handmade), I was sure that I found something more wonderful … massage with jade stones.

After the theoretical part … (I admit I did not know exactly what these wonderful stones do) I’ve had the practice… where I was in a parallel world. I was surprised … (pleasantly surprised) … by how relaxed I felt. Pebbles and I … 40-50 minutes … we were instantly friends. They were hugging me warmly … they were multiplying and playing with everything they found in the way! I will definitely come back.

Bravo because you try to help us and save us … maybe !!!!

Kindly, Cristina Badoiu

Thank you Oana Soare!

I have come with a lot of confidence and indeed after 4 sessions I feel great improvement and I will continue for a long time now.

Thank you, you are the best for all the help you give us. Kindly and with respect to Gina

July 05, 2013

Once you step in  “CASA JAD Center” you have to be ready for relaxation, beautiful thoughts, rest and healing, both physical and spiritual. I recommend you to try all the “treatments”!

September 2013

Dear Niko,
Thank you so much for the great chance to try this massage. It is amazing!
I will save money to buy such a thing!
Thanks Kalina ( Bulgaria )

A great experience! I will definitely come back! Thank you!

You are magnificent!

Thank you for everything you gave to our souls in all this time spent with you in this little paradise colt.

With great love, fam. Gavrila

A wonderful experience! I have managed to fully relax, as I have been trying to do for a long time.

We will definitely come back.

Yours, Marina

October 31, 2013

A very interesting experience, very relaxing and life changing. I will be back for sure.
Carla Z. 1.11.2013

Thanks, Vanda. This experience is worth living with all those we know, and from now on I would like to earn a salary that would allow me to buy my bed.

Thanks to all the forces that helped me to get here. I felt wonderful, I traveled in other dimensions, and Alexandra is wonderful. Thank you, Alexandra, for coming into my life!

November 7, 2013   Andreea Anghelescu

A wonderful and very relaxing experience. I would like to buy a massage bed.

Raluca B.

A place where the harmony is present … it draws harmony, people with love to offer, people who are fulfilled and balanced inside, it emits positive energy outdoors. CASA JAD is an oasis of a different kind of green, not just that of jade, but the green of fulfilling life and lived in abundance on all the plans that matter.

I will come back here anytime with love and with the joy of recharging me from a real green natural source.

Eliza Nitescu

I did not think that such natural therapy, could have an immediate effect on health. It would be good if the company will become more known in the network of medical units, for sure most of the people did not hear of it, and especially of what wonders it does.

Certainly, I will come back to this center in the fall, within my time and my schedule.

Sincere greetings to the exceptional staff here for his training and courtesy.

Dr Avocat

George Vlaicu

April 17, 2013

“Some” instruments of “torture” absolutely exceptional! I’m already thinking about what to order for home!

Adrian Bulboaca

It is one of the most pleasant places in Bucharest, with absolutely extraordinary people. It is said that man sanctifies the place and is perfectly true at CASA JAD, where wonderful people have created a dream place.

I recommend to any person a massage with jade stones. This must be done at least once in a lifetime.

Paul Ardeleanu

From the first moment I arrived at CASA JAD, I met Alexandra with her beautiful face and a pleasant smile a warm voice that gave me a good mood.

Massage with jade stones has relieved my pain and has soaked my body of positive energy and total relaxation.

Congratulations to those who have had this initiative to help the sufferers. God protect you all the way. Thousands of thanks !

T. Bejenaru

Although I am a pretentious man and I have accumulated much knowledge in the field that you practice, I have only words of praise for CASA JAD.

Starting with the professional staff, the procedures, the location, the environment … everything is auspicious.

It is a good initiative, and I would also suggest you organize small communication sessions in this headquarters.

Biol. Julieta Maria Dobre

A new experience for me, a pleasant surprise. We had a truly relaxing experience. I want to come back again sometime.

Alina Moise, October 12, 2013

Something new to us, we felt very good, and the girls who received us are very kind. I will warmly recommend you to other people. Thank you very much.

Simona Stan and Victor Alec

A unique experience! I will certainly return to this warm and welcoming place. The jade bed is really a unique experience. The staff is warm and sociable.

Tugurlan Raluca

I’ve come to your center with a tremendous curiosity in the soul and a desire to get to know the magic of jade stones. I was disappointed in the first 10 minutes because I did not feel well and I asked to get up.

I felt all the energy stuck in my throat at the level of the chakra 5. I was offered another bed and I was willing to resume the experience with all the confidence in the jade stones I loved since I knew. It was not my surprise to discover a totally different experience, wonderful, liberating, distant. I felt all my energies as they align and the chakras open. For a few minutes, I was a sun-heated reptile on jade stones. The difference between the first unpleasant experience and the second, wonderful, was that on the first bed, before me was a person with great health problems. Being empathic and feeling the energies very well, I could not stand on those energy residues left behind by the person before me.

I am very glad for this experience and I will definitely come back!

Anca Noe (Ivanov)

I have a boy who is about 3 years old. For the first time in three years, I feel totally relaxed.  Thank you very much! Good luck in business !!

Karla Martin

Back pain has become part of my life, every walk is a mess. I really want to see results with this therapy, because I feel and believe in alternative therapies. Thank you very much for the occasion and we’ll be back soon!

Irina Trutescu

It was a very nice and totally new experience for me.

Diana Visan

Very relaxing and refreshing. You feel full of energy and ready for a new day. A wonderful experience!

Dragos Barbalata

Excellent!!! Although it started on Friday, the session ended in total relaxation with regret that the time had elapsed.

Thank you for existing! Bravooo !!

Alina Focsa

It was an unexpected meeting of pleasure. Beyond the therapeutic effect, a pleasant, informed interlocutor urges you to come back! Congratulations, success!

Valentina and Emilian Popescu

CASA JAD was a unique experience because the back pains have disappeared at least for the moment. It was also a relaxing oasis for me and a place where we were ready to work.

Thanks to CASA JAD for the warm welcome. Thank you for your physical and spiritual therapy. A unique experience in a professional environment.

We appreciate your work and we will be delighted to return to relaxation and therapy.

Roxana and Alexandru Doric

A very relaxing atmosphere with superb ambient music! A place where you want to come back anytime! Super nice and kind staff! I managed to relax completely after a tiring day and that’s because of you! Thank you!

Oana Brancus February 14, 2014

It was a relaxing afternoon, where I forgot the worries and daily roar. It’s a very nice place! I also subscribe to what Oana said a little higher! I think we will come again!

Daniel Brancus February 14, 2014(Oana’s husband)

Today I had 2 wonderful hours full of relaxation with great music, and very nice staff. I promise to come back, especially with my daughters.

Flori Buleandra February 17, 2014

For me, CASA JAD is a divine miracle, the beds are gorgeous, a dream atmosphere with outstanding staff. Every time I come back, I want the session not to end, you are great.

Bogdan Gabriela

Today, I returned to this oasis of peace and relaxation with a very good friend, whom I wanted to make a gift. Our perfect hosts, Loredana, and Alexandra spoiled us and their kindness and pleasant environment in which we completely relaxed and completely satisfied, we will definitely return.

Thank you.

Alexandriana Rosu February 20, 2014

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so relaxed. Massage, music, atmosphere is something to dream of! All thoughts, stress, etc. have disappeared even if, unfortunately, it was only for an hour.

Thank you for this mouth of fresh air!

Laura Balla, November 15, 2012

An unexpected and pleasant surprise!

Wanda B. November 15, 2012

Recommended for anyone. I arrived here, vaguely knowing what it is and I was very impressed. Both team and treatment are great.

Alexandra, November 15, 2012

An unexpected experience. Very nice!

Florina November 15, 2012

The truth is, once you get to this place, you can not go anymore!

The sensations and benefits that each of your devices offers, the warm atmosphere and the welcoming people make this center a sanctuary.

I reckon all the heart !!


August 15, 2012

I love the massage at CASA JAD, hope that more people will find out about this massage service, which I consider very healthy for the body.

June 20, 2012

I fell in love … yes, I fell in love with this great place !!! I really love the agate device that made me bloom! I feel like I’m born again and I feel more beautiful, more confident. How about the soul? I float, fly, calm down and I sit like a butterfly on a flower and I dream!

I dream of being in a colorful realm … and I’m at CASA JAD!

Namaste! You are absolutely wonderful !!!

I love you, Amelia Mateescu

May 31, 2012

AMAZING! A quiet soul, clear mind, light, and relaxed body, floating in complete harmony with the whole Universe. That’s how I feel the wonderful things offered in this space … extremely “loaded” with the wonderful energy of jade, tourmaline, all therapies and above all wonderful people! The feeling of “splashing” of the spine… I experience full relaxation and peace of mind … I feel more than grateful! Thank you and I will love you!

May 2012

M. Nico

I end up the day with problems, stuck in traffic, with thoughts and ideas that grinds me and I come to you .. CASA JAD.

A reassuring place in this jungle. A cool attic with lights that seem to call me to sleep. A place with wonderful and calm people and managers with no acidic look.

I was spoiled with a warm and reassuring massage, yet still firmly stealing all my black thoughts, not the bad states in my body.

I feel like I rebirth every time I get up from the bed and there are no empty words.

Thank you CASA JAD!

May 2012

Vlad Dragomir

Case of Mrs. Florescu Lucia, Bucharest – About the mattress with jade stones

She was hospitalized twice at Floreasca Hospital and at Fundeni Hospital with unbearable back pain. I mention that the MRI examinations at both hospitals have found an advanced stage of osteoporosis which could not be treated even with rods and they told her she had to wear a gypsum corset that could not be borne. For pain, many painkillers have been given, and in the last few weeks they have been infused 4 to 4 hours. It had unbearable pains and vomiting, lack of appetite. When I applied the jade mattress there was pain, an d for 48 hours no need for a soothing. After 24 hours, she could sit back on the mattress, she did not vomit, and her appetite returned. Her digestion is normalized and her morale is high. (told by a client of JAD  who lent Mrs. Florescu the mattress, they  are being neighbors)

Cristina A., Iasi

For me, the jade massage bed is the most precious, necessary and last but not least the pleasant purchase I made for natural therapy. I felt the beneficial effects of precise and relaxing massage right after the first sessions.

There was significantly reduced back pain and I felt the improvements to general health: muscle relaxation and muscle balance, removing insomnia, emotional rebalancing (goodbye stress, inner tension, headaches, dizziness).

“Raw green, raw green

White and pink and pure bud

Dream of blue and azure … ”

So I sum up what “CASA JAD” is for me.

A source of benefits, a desire for life, a way to catch wings. When you are told that all the methods to solve your health problems have been exhausted, you come here and you will find their solution.

CASA JAD is a place filled with the warmth of soul and not only, but it is also where you will feel young and especially important.

With gratitude and thanks.

Florica Mihai

My husband and I followed treatment with JAD stones, finding significant improvement in health.

I do not have insomnia, anxiety, stomach pain caused by a duodenal ulcer anymore.

My husband had a Phorigian (corneal cyst) in the right eye, which had to be operated but which resorted after about 20 treatment sessions.

We also feel a state of revival, and we do not feel tired anymore. That’s why we decided to buy a device and continue treatment at home.

Rizu Gabriela

I came to “CASA JAD” because I had very big pains in the neck area. After the first session I started to come back. I also had problems with the spine (scoliosis) and I also had insomnia.

I’m glad Mom found this center and I want to wish you great success and health!

Miezu Anca Theodora, 13 years old

Our dear healers … 🙂

My words of gratitude will not fit on a notepad … Alina recommended me your center because I had a back pain … coming here I found that this wonderful device treats also soul … My conclusion is that any person who I know has to try and see the wonderful results of this treatment. Jade is THE BEST 🙂


Today, March 1, 2010, will be the 4th meeting. I came to the first meeting after a discussion with my wife and mother in law who already been here. I knew I needed further treatment, massage recovery after an accident in 2003. I began to feel tingling and let’s call them “pains”, stronger in the right leg and left kidney. That makes me come on because it means the treatment is working on the body parts. Plus the time spent is also a mental relaxation.

Good luck with your business.


My name is Simion Corneliu and I am one of those who used CASA JAD products.

After 12 sessions with the jade massages bed, I felt very, very good. My pains which lasted for the last 19 years have improved a lot. The atmosphere in the Center is excellent. The staff also behaved wonderfully. Congratulations.

My name is Dumitru Gheorghita and I have been frequenting CASA JAD Center for a few months. Thermomassage and acupuncture devices are very beneficial to my body. I feel better and recommend all the people to come here with confidence and to have the opportunity to buy one of these devices.

Thank you for the courtesy and the atmosphere that you maintain in this special health setting.

“Hello” – to the staff from CASA JAD. My name is Camelia Tecuceanu, I came to this wonderful environment for seven sessions and I can say by heart that I feel better and better. These appliances, better known as these cleansing health stones, make you feel more firm, more determined in this tumultuous life we take day after day.

The staff is wonderful, I wish everyone a great spring and I pray to God to take care of all of us who are entering in this very beautiful “CASA JAD” center.

Thank you for everything!

With respect and warmth of soul

Camelia Tecuceanu January 3, 2010

Thank you for your help. Good health for all who will pass your threshold!

This is my four sessions here and my issues are diverse: straight hip coxarthrosis, discopathy, cervical spondylosis, abdominal and ovarian pain, and I say to myself that I feel really good. After the first session on the machines I felt very well all the painful spots, but after the second session the pains gradually decreased, and now I feel pretty good, almost no pain and I wish all the patients of CASA JAD to feel well and have confidence in this miraculous treatment.

Thank you!

Thank you for the help you gave us and our family. Since our first sessions we have felt very good. Here we found great people who brought a little bit of peace and health. CASA JAD is a place full of peace and good faith. Good things you give people to get you back.

Fam. Flori and Nelu

Thank you wholeheartedly for your help. I’ve had some sessions and I feel really good. You are special people, God gives you much health and all the good in the world.

Mariana Draghici

The procedures performed with these machines provide an excellent massage combined with the therapeutic effects of jade stones to remove unwanted effects accumulated over time by the body. It is very good. The two elements give a very pleasant relaxation and in time I felt ameliorations of the pain of the spine and not only. I am extremely pleased.

N. Cretu

After the procedures I have done so far (12 in total) I feel great. In July 2008  I’ve had a colon tumor surgically removed and after that, I was very constipated, although I tried several procedures to eliminate constipation. After these jaded procedures, I got rid of this problem.

Also, I do not have the back pain I had (almost as a burn).

Thank you for your help and God help you further that you can help other people in pain!

M. Toma, Pitest

These machines help me relax and feel energized even after a long and tiring day (it has an energizing effect, I would say). Also (and even after the first 2-3 sessions) I feel like I have the more flexible backbone and I do not longer feel my neck pain.


I came to the CASA JAD with many problems (lumbar pain, prostate problems, urogenital apparatus problems). After a few sessions, I noticed an improvement in my nocturnal walks to the toilet and also a reduction in the stings I have in the right area below the ribs (liver and gall).

I have confidence in these procedures and I will continue to come here.

The result so far makes me recommend this treatment to other people as well.

Thanks for the help I have received here.


Our dear healers!

It’s the first time I come here (April 23, 2010). It is a holy day, the celebration of the “Great Martyr George”. My name is Georgeta and my husband is called Gheorghe. It is obvious that PROVIDENCE sent us here in this “paradise heaven”, where I met you. I have already completed the ½ hour procedure and I feel great (my problems are: panic attack, accompanied by anxiety, chronic laryngitis, quite bad blood circulation).

Thank you for all your good and keep your ever-young souls to enjoy life!

Georgeta (Margi)

My name is Elena and I come to CASA JAD since April 9, 2010. I had problems with my spine and poor circulation, with cervical spondylosis and now, thanks to CASA JAD, I feel much better; now I can lean and I do not have my legs and cold hands, I feel very good and only in a month, but I came here daily.

Thanks a lot to CASA JAD! May 5, 2010.

My name is Dumitru Aurelia, I am from Pitesti. I have trusted the “Jade House” after reading from various sources, learning about the benefits of these therapies.

I have many health problems, one of them with the backbone. I’ve done over 10 sessions and I’ve seen improvements because pains have become more bearable, I’ve been able to sleep better.

The location in which these therapies are done is particularly neat and very clean. The staff is professional, with a lot of bending for people’s suffering. No reproof! You almost can not believe that you are in Romania.

Many thanks!

Dumitru Aurelia

It is a great honor for me to have free-of-charge meetings with the latest state-of-the-art jade, negative ion and infrared ray apparatus at CASA JAD Health Center in Pitesti.

Qualified people handling treatment machines and serving patients are very kind, well educated and responsive.

I followed the treatment for rheumatic diseases, both inflammatory and chronic rheumatism, also for cold hands and cold legs syndrome, feeling tired and poor peripheral blood circulation.

After several sessions with jade stones, peripheral blood flow has improved; the upper and lower limbs have become more flexible and the big pains have disappeared, walking has improved a lot.

Thanks to the staff of the Health Center “CASA JAD” in Bdul. Heroes, no.12, Pitesti, for the help they give to the sick people from Pitesti.

Ing. Macovei Tihon

Impressions about … “Jade”

We have opted for the “Luxury Thermal Message Bed with Jade Stones” from the beginning.

Today is the last meeting, the 24th! I feel good, much better than at first. I think the circulatory, peripheral and cerebral problems, and the rheumatologic problems related to the cervical spine have resolved (for now!), The pain of coxarthrosis has also been relieved, and I am 64 years old. I advise you to try this luxury bed … The massage is excellent!

Congratulations to the staff of this health facility, for the special atmosphere it creates!


Health is the best asset. In order to maintain it, the world is increasingly leaning towards natural medicine.

I am very pleased that, through the effort and generosity of good people, CASa JAD has opened its doors to people from our town. It’s a wonderful place, where we can treat various diseases, get rid of blood toxins, make the body more resilient to the harmful environment we live in. All this is done through the beneficial effect of the miraculous jade stone, a real treasure for health.

Only after 7 sessions, I felt better: muscular pains were reduced in intensity, I moved more easily, my legs were not torn anymore and I was not struggling at night anymore. I also experienced an inner, psychological change: fewer black thoughts, soul disturbances, and unnecessary stress. The quality of sleep has improved.

Thank you very much to the team that is performing the treatment. It proves professionalism, courtesy and patience. It impressed me with fairness, I felt something of Western civilization.

Sincere greetings for the way of organization, perfect cleaning, ambiance through quiet and proper music.

I recommend this treatment to young people and the elderly.

M. Fieraru

CASA JAD… what kind of charity for Arges citizens! Thanks to the owners of “CASA JAD” we can use Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with a cutting-edge technology of thermotherapy to fight diseases that, from a certain age, invade our body.

Personally, after only one month of using jade and infrared radiation thermotherapy, I feel a revival of the body, a state of well-being. Prostate hypertrophy is retiring, I have a quiet sleep, my headache is gone, I do not feel any rheumatic pain, the spine has straightened out, in other words, I’m very optimistic that I will restore my health so I can help the family (and not be a “weight” for them) and society (as much as possible).

As far as I am concerned, I will use thermotherapy with jade stones and infrared rays for a long time, especially as at CASA JAD I found an oasis of tranquility, perfectly clean environment and a pleasant ambiance.

At the same time, I express my gratitude to the Jad House owners and specialists for the effort they do to make people with fewer financial opportunities benefit from the jade stones thermotherapy, these miracles of nature.

July 26, 2010/ Serbanescu Ioan, 73 years old

Impressions after treatment at the “CASA JAD”

My name is Modoveanu Constantin

I am eighty years old and for over (20) years I have some problems with discoloration of lumbar, sciatica, cardiac, etc. After many treatments every year, I felt some amelioration.

In 2010, late in June, I read in the newspaper “Evening Truth” the existence of CASA JAD in Pitesti and the effects of Jad stone treatment. I’ve started this treatment on June 10, 2010 and until August 20, 2010 I’ve performed three series of 12 moderate treatment sessions. From the beginning, after 4-5 sessions my sleep was quiet, was no longer agitated or interrupted. Prostate problems have been reduced by reducing total urination at night.

Gradually my blood circulation improved. Lumbar discopathy was reduced. I still have temporary problems with sciatica pain. One problem that I think I will solve is the kidneys. The pebbles I have been moved to, and according to how they looked at the ultrasound performed on August 19, 2010 I think it will improve over time.

An improved problem after this treatment is with my eyes, for which I will present to an ophthalmologist to check the visual parameters.

Thanks to Jad’s team for how they monitor this treatment.

With great esteem and thanks!