Lumbar discopathy: what is it and how do we treat it?

What is lumbar discopathy?

To define lumbar discopathy, first, we need to explain the term “discopathy”. Discopathy is the most common affection of the nervous system, which can affect any segment of the spine, but the most affected areas are lumbar and cervical. Discopathy is the process in which intervertebral discs deteriorate.

Thus, lumbar discopathy is represented by damage to lumbar intervertebral discs. In time, untreated discopathy can lead to disc herniation. Here you can read more about the disc herniation and how it can be treated.

What are the causes of lumbar discopathy?

As we said above, lumbar discopathy occurs due to deterioration of the intervertebral discs. These discs are found between vertebrae and are cartilaginous. In juvenility, they are formed by over 80% of water, which means they are flexible. With age, the percentage of water drops and so the discs become stiffer and are prone to mechanical damage.

Also, not only the age matters but also other factors:

  • Obesity: The extra weight exerts pressure on intervertebral discs, which leads to their faster deterioration
  • Smoking: The level of nicotine in the blood hinders the blood flow from the intervertebral discs and thus they will be deteriorated rapidly.
  • certain lesions or injuries of the spine
  • sustained physical effort.

Symptoms of lumbar discopathy

discopatia lombaraLumbar discopathy is a condition that may or may not present symptoms, depending on person to person and the degree of disc damage.

The first symptoms are also those that send the patient to the doctor:

  • chronic lumbar pain
  • bruising when certain common movements are made (such as the date out of bed)
  • pain that gets worse when the patient stands or down for a long time or when he makes some moves.
  • weakness and numbness or tingling in the legs.

How to diagnose lumbar discopathy?

First of all, the patient will be physically examined by the physician to see if there is inflammation at the lumbar level, if there is some pain when performing certain movements or sensitivity and, of course, an anamnesis will be done to find out the details regarding the time of the first time the pain occurred and other relevant findings.

Then very important are imaging investigations: X-rays, MRI and CT. The most relevant is MRI, but the other two are used to complete the clinical picture and provide the physician with all the information necessary to establish the correct diagnosis.

How can lumbar discopathy be treated?

discopatieDepending on the stage of lumbar discopathy, the treatment may consist of:

  • drug therapy (analgesics, steroidal or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants) combined with bed rest.
  • physical therapy
  • surgical therapy
  • alternative therapies.




The Expandable 3D Massage BED with JADE Stones can treat lumbar discopathy

One of the alternative therapies is based on Chinese Traditional Medicine, more specifically jade therapy. You can get great results in treating lumbar discopathy if you use The Expandable 3D Massage BED with JADE Stones.

The CASA JAD massage bed works directly on the cause of the problem and works by correction, ie helping to treat lumbar or cervical discopathy.

  1. Decompress the discs and eliminate mechanical pressure on the suffering/dehydrated intervertebral disc. First, it makes mechanical elongation of the spine, which means that it distances the vertebrae and gives them an optimal space, letting the disc breathe.
  2. It rehydrates and regenerates affected intervertebral discs. Through thermotherapy, jade stones are heated, and blood circulation to the vertebral discs is improved, pushing fresh plasma, feeding and regenerating the discs. Thus the discs will recover and will regain your elasticity.

In addition, through the vertebral column elongation process, the vertebral discs are no longer compressed, and so the back pain disappears, and a correct posture of the spine is also obtained.

Thus, lumbar discopathy can be corrected and you can even postpone or eliminate the need for surgery.

More details about The Expandable 3D Massage BED with JADE Stones can be found here:

We wish you all the best!

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