The New CASA JAD Massage Bed, in ELLE magazine September Edition

elle magazine

We are so proud to share some good news with you: CASA JAD is mentioned in ELLE magazine September issue. We are glad that the news about the new customizable massage bed, has been taken over by ELLE magazine.

The new customizable bed is a unique global concept. Such option it doesn’t exist on the market, the only exception is our bed.

This is an original, authentic product, created and assembled by CASA JAD.

Here is the article from ELLE Magazine:

The Jade House launches CASA JAD Luxury Line – Customizable Massage bed with 9 + 4 jade rolls and infrared rays alongside the “Customize your jade experience” recommendation. Specialized in automated relaxation massage solutions with therapeutic valences, experts in “Therapy through pampering” from Casa Jad apply the ancient principles of Chinese medicine using state-of-the-art technology. Thus, the benefits of jade, known and used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, are brought to the present day through the jade massage bed and other accessories with the same kind of jade stones and infrared rays. The new model, created and assembled by Casa Jad in Romania, can be customized to the smallest detail. It has been designed for those who want a refined piece of furniture in their own home.  And at the same time, it can offer the best therapeutic massage and relaxation.

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