CASA JAD is presented in SKY Lady magazine: Claudiu David rally national champion uses jade and infrared therapies

claudiu david

Sky Lady Magazine: National Rally Champion Claudiu David maintains his spine using the CASA JAD Massage Bed with jade stones and infrared rays.

Do you travel a lot? It is good then because we will be with you during the flight.

CASA JAD is the protagonist of the last edition of Sky Lady Magazine. You can find the magazine in Otopeni Airport and in Tarom aircraft.

Take a look at the Sky Lady magazine during your flight and relax with an article about jade, tourmaline, and infrared therapy. You will discover in the article the fascinating story of rally pilot Claudiu David, national rally champion and international certified BMW instructor.

Claudiu David uses our Jade Massage Bed with Jade and Infrared Stones for medical recovery. Here is some information gleaned from the Sky Lady.

Performance in sport remains a great metaphor about the implementation of the difficult moments of life. Thanks to our champions we understand and understand that fear can be mastered. Because courage does not mean the absence of fear, but the ability to control your fear so you can perform at the highest levels, even if at the end of the race, your body can physically break down.

Tabu: The champions and their health
This happens every day in the lives of our champions. The price of performance is often health, a taboo subject rarely approached by the press or athletes.

Claudiu David is a rally national champion with over 20 victories. He is the first Romanian pilot at NASCAR and the first Romanian certified as an international BMW instructor. For Claudiu, rally races mean muscle and bone injuries. These are caused by the extremely strong vibrations and shocks to which he is subjected.
Against backache, Claudiu David began the year 2012 with a secret weapon: the massage bed with jade stones and infrared rays.”

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