What is a jade stone?

Jade is a natural mineral with a long history in China because minerals are the most characteristic component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that jade can protect from evil, keep people young and beautiful and calm them. Jade brings joy and longevity if it is worn or used often.

piatra autentica jad


CASA JAD products come with a JEWELL STANDARD CERTIFICATE. CASA JAD products are made with RAW, NATURAL, FINISHED Jad Stones for you to enjoy true health effects.

On the market, there may be products with so-called jade stones made of jade powder, jade dust which gave them the uniform color.

So please request the authenticity certificate of jade stones when you want to buy jade products.

Next, we will present you some tips to help you distinguish the raw, natural jade stone from spheres made of powder or jade powder mixed with ceramics:

– the stone is extremely cold when the appliance is not working

– when heated, it has “autonomy”: it keeps the temperature longer without the need for an electric heating source

– the stone has some “imperfections”: you will see ribbons, distinct color vines, structure, you will notice a milky consistency of the inside of the stone, the color is not uniform, even different shades in the same stone.

– ask for an authenticity certificate, ask about the origin of the jade stone.

About JADE

Jade is surrounded by myths. Due to its special beauty and multitudes of shapes and colors, jade has exerted a special attraction for humanity for thousands of years.

The Fascination of Jade

This stone, with a discreet and milky gloss, which appears mostly in shades of green but also white, gray, yellow, orange and delicate purple tones, has been known to the people for more than 7000 years. More than 5000 years ago, Jade was known in China as “yu” or “royal stone.” In the history of culture and art of the great Chinese Empire, jade has always had a special significance, comparable to that of gold and diamonds in the West.

China used the jade not only for art objects and worship figures but also for the manufacturing of “jade funeral suits” for the highest members of the imperial family.

Today, jade is still seen as a symbol of good, beauty and value. If you are visiting the Hong Kong or Rangoon jade market or perhaps one of the Christie’s Jade Auctions from Hong Kong, you can easily recognize the importance of this semiprecious stone for Asian people.

Both Jadeite and Nephrite have some colorful veins, spots, and stripes in the interior, although they are not always seen as defects. On the contrary, many of these “patterns” are considered extremely valuable.

The qualities of the jade stone

1. Very healthy due to its Chemical Composition

According to modern scientific measurements, the jade itself contains a wide range of elements (mineral silicates) such as zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, cobalt, selenium, titanium, calcium, potassium, sodium and many others. Its extraordinary effects have been widely recognized. In pharmacological terms, natural minerals can complement and absorb the elements you need or release those in excess, keeping you healthy if you wear them for a long period of time.

2. Stores two temperatures

The Jade stone has a special peculiarity: it can store both warmth and cool (cold). Thus, jade stone carries two temperatures and has a great flexibility in health treatments because it can bring heat to your body (eg, treating cold legs syndrome through a much-improved blood circulation), or it can pull out that body heat source (eg, inflammation, sprains that are a source of heat and many others).

3. A very good conductor of infrared rays

CASA JAD Thermal Massage Appliances use jade stone because it facilitates infrared beam transfer and resonance effect with our body.

4. It has a gentle vibration, so it is ideal for relaxation and insomnia

The Jade stone is the ” best friend” of the human body when it comes to gemstones.

For thousands of years, jade stone is used in China for health and longevity. Since ancient times, jade stone has been considered the stone of protection, having the ability to balance Yin and Yang.