Learn more about Infrared Rays or Thermal Rays

The best-known source of infrared radiation is the Sun.

Infrared solar rays travel a long distance in space with minimal energy loss. When a surface appears in front of the rays, their energy is absorbed and transformed into heat.

Infrared radiation is part of the sun’s rays. Infrared rays propagate in space at the speed of light, providing power.

Sun rays, also called global radiation, are divided into:

1. ultraviolet rays,

2. visible light (red light) and

3. infrared rays or thermal rays (infra = below in Latin, infrared – invisible rays for the bare eye).

Infrared rays are actually the heat we feel when the sun’s rays touch our skin. That’s why they’re also called thermal rays, and infrared ray therapy is also called thermotherapy.

The sun is not the only infrared radiation generator. All warm objects are- those above the absolute 0 temperature – emit infrared radiation. The hotter the object is, the more it emits more energy in the form of infrared radiation.

Did you know that …?  The human body emits infrared rays. Even the human body emits infrared radiation in the wavelength of 8-11μm.

The sun is the main source of this radiant energy that we benefit from every day. Infrared is the invisible part of the sun’s rays.

Did you know that…? Regarding the infrared rays, there is no difference between the rays coming from the sun and those generated artificially? Medicine has been using infrared rays for many years to treat stretches, joint pains, sinus infections, ovarian affections.

Infrared rays help in the healing process by increasing the number of white blood cells. More white cells mean higher immunity. Higher immunity means health.

The sauna effect (the beneficial process of sweating)

During the entire life, the human body stores harmful substances, heavy metals and fats, under the lower layers of skin, which can not be naturally eliminated. Infrared rays penetrate a few centimeters in the body. Under the effect of this penetrating heat, it activates the process of sweating inside the body, which means that harmful substances are simply pushed out of the body with perspiration through the pores.

While it is assumed that in a typical sauna, sweating consists largely of water, and only up to 15% of fat and other toxins, under the influence of infrared, about 25% of sweat are fat, heavy metals and noxious substances.

The characteristics of infrared rays are that they naturally generate heat by making body molecules vibrate quickly against each other and unlike visible light, infrared rays penetrate deeply the skin and tissues. It is a form of energy that heats objects directly by conversion without heating the air between the infrared rays and the object.

Benefits of CASA JAD therapy

The benefits of heat therapy (thermotherapy/heat treatment) are immediate:

1. The blood circulation is accelerated by heat. The blood vessels dilate (See photo: what happens after using infrared technology – the blood is irrigated throughout the body) – >> cold legs and hands syndrome disappears, improvements in atherosclerosis, rebalancing hypertension, cholesterol reduction.

2. Detoxification: the toxins and accumulated residues are dissolved and are eliminated in order to unlock the circulatory system.

3. In addition, high temperature facilitates the generation of new white cells. The more white cells in the blood, the stronger the immune system.

You will feel the effects from the first heat-massage session and the first effect will be:

4. a quiet and deep sleep.

Combined with the benefits of water, Thermal Massage is real detoxifying.

That’s why we recommend drinking as much water as possible before you do a thermal massage session with CASA JAD’ s devices.

The reason is simple: because of the infrared rays that represent a special type of heat with in-depth action, having water in your stomach,  it will get warm and you can make deep detoxification.

Regarding the benefits of heat therapy (infrared rays), when we are on the jade automatic massage bed that makes mechanical spinal cord elongation and vertebral alignment to their natural shape, first of all, the muscles and tendons in the spinal cord relax due to heat (generally, the muscles are stiff, hard, that is why we can stab or have pain in a sudden movement or stretches), allowing the vertebrae to align slowly and gradually to their normal shape.

Second, it stimulates the important meridians in and along the column, producing powerful impulses on the extensive nerve fiber network. Effects: energize each system and organ from the body. Third: Cleaning / Detoxification. Over the years, on the walls of the colon (the large intestine), accumulated residues reach the walls of the colon as a slag. Infrared rays carried in the body through jade, make it possible to cleanse even deeper the walls of the colon thanks to the hot water. It is obvious that hot water clears much better than cold water.

The full spectrum of sunlight consists of visible and invisible rays.

The visible rays are: red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue and purple in colors, known as the colors of the rainbow. The invisible rays are ultraviolet UV, X, Gamma, Cosmic, long waves, medium waves, short waves, microwaves and infrared.

Electromagnetic waves between visible light and microwaves are called infrared waves.

The wavelength of the infrared rays varies between 0.76 and 1000 microns.

Between 0.76 and 1.5 microns are called near-infrared (surface) rays, between 1.5 and 4 microns are medium infrared rays and between 4 and 1000 microns are called infrared (deep) rays.

CASA JAD infrared therapy uses deep infrared rays.

When these rays have the characteristics listed below, they are called Dark Infrared Rays.

– Radiation: Infrared rays radiate or scatter from a localized source.

– Penetration: Unlike visible light, infrared rays can penetrate deep skin and surrounding tissues up to 3-3.7 cm.

– Resonance: Infrared rays naturally generate heat, causing body molecules to vibrate quickly against each other. (source: http://plasma-termica.ro)